Traffic Light Cufflinks

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Green light to have them

Semaforo Cufflinks, rhodium-plated steel with a layer of enamel that make these 18 mm size cufflinks ideal for any shirt.

The first traffic light used for traffic was the one installed in front of the United Kingdom Parliament, in Westminster; work of engineer JP Knight, specialist in railway signals. Although the automobile did not yet exist, parliamentarians complained that they could not cross the street due to the traffic of cars. The device began operating on December 10, 1868 and imitated railroad signals: it used only the red and green gas lights at night and was an iron column more than six meters high. Two buzzes indicated that the traffic that could move forward was that of the avenue and a single buzz indicated that it was traffic on the street. On January 2, 1869, it stopped working because one of the gas lamps exploded, injuring a police officer. A new, safer one was then installed, which operated until 1872.

It was not necessary until the invention of the automobile, and only then was the idea taken up again.

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Brand Gemelos Variados
Material Enamel, Rhodium Steel
Occasion Casual party, Celebrations, Gifts, Work
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