Tic Tac Toe Twins

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Tic Tac Toe Twins. Anti-allergic and enamelled rhodium-plated steel cufflinks .

Three in a row, also known as three in a row, cat game, tatetí, triqui, totito, tres en gallo, michi or the old lady, is a pencil and paper game between two players: O and X, who mark the spaces of a 3×3 board alternately. A player wins if he manages to have a line of three of his symbols: the line can be horizontal, vertical or diagonal.

A game won by the first player, X:

Three-in-a-row game, won by X

A game that ends in a draw:

Three-in-a-row game, tied
More Information
Brand Gemelos Variados
Material Enamel, Rhodium Steel
Occasion Casual party, Celebrations, Communions, Gifts, Work
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