King of Hearts Letter Cufflinks

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Ideal as a gift for Poker aficionados.

King Hearts Cufflinks . Anti-allergic and enamelled rhodium-plated steel cufflinks . Interesting and different.

The history of poker is a topic of debate. The name of the game appears to descend from the French " poque" , which itself descends from the German " pochen" (to hit), but it is unclear whether the games these names refer to were the true origins of poker. It has a great similarity to the Persian game " as nas" , and may have been taught to the French settlers in New Orleans by Persian sailors. It is believed to share parentage with the ancient Renaissance game called " first" and with the French "blean." The English game " brag" clearly descended from brelan , and incorporated bluffing (although the concept was already known in other games of that time). It is quite possible that all of these ancient games influenced the development of poker as it exists today.

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Brand Gemelos Variados
Material Enamel, Rhodium Steel
Occasion Casual party, Celebrations, Communions, Gifts, Work
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