French Southern & Antarctic Land Flag Cufflinks

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French Southern & Antarctic Land flag cufflinks. Cufflinks as a gift.

French Southern and Antarctic Land Flag Cufflinks . Anti-allergic and Enameled Rhodium-Plated Steel Cufflinks .

Specially designed to give as a gift. Perfect complement.

The French Southern Territories are a group of overseas dependencies belonging to France. The official French name ( Terres australes et antarctiques françaises TAAF) implies the claim of Antarctic territories, not recognized internationally. The group has the status of Overseas Territory and is divided into five districts: Kerguelen Islands, San Pablo Island, Amsterdam Island, Crozet Islands, Adélie Land (in Antarctica) and Scattered Islands of the Indian Ocean.

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Brand Banderas
Material Enamel, Rhodium Steel
Occasion Casual party, Celebrations, Gifts