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Basket your shirt

Basketball Basket Cufflinks , made of Rhodium-plated, Enameled Steel and with anti-allergic coating.

Basketball is one of the most played sports in the world and, sometimes, also one of the most exciting that exists. Also known as basketball or basketball , it consists of putting the ball with your hands into the opposing team's basket .

The ring through which the ball is introduced is located 3.05 meters high and has a diameter of 45.7 centimeters. Taking into account that the basketball has a diameter of about 23 centimeters, precision is required to make a basket. The aforementioned hoop is also suspended on a rectangular board that measures 1.80 meters long and 1.05 meters high.

The basket - backboard and ring - is located 1.20 meters inside the playing rectangle, providing more spectacularity to each action and encouraging more risky plays along the baseline. Finally, the measurements of the court are 15 meters wide by 28 meters long.

In lower categories, so that younger children can also practice this sport, the basket hoop is placed at a height of 2.60 meters. This modality is known in some places as minibasketball .

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Brand Gemelos Variados
Material Enamel, Rhodium Steel
Occasion Casual party, Celebrations, Gifts, Work
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